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Decor & Pillows
Make time stop with a timeless piece of coration! White Dog Holding Metal Clock is a fantastic piece to have on your sk, shelf, or table. This iron figurine is a dog standing on its two legs holding a small, round white metal clock with a glass front in its front paws. This entire piece is in a wh..
$37.99 $37.99
Use this elegant, sophisticated Trumpet Glass Vase to make a c statement in your home, office, or event decor! This vase has a gorgeous trumpet shape, fluted flare design, and an open base. This thick, clear glass vase is perfect for faux floral stems, greenery, and fillers.    Dimensions:  Diamet..
$39.99 $39.99
Green is the way to grow! Succulents In Round Pot features wide leaves, sprawling vines, and expansive curled leaves with a of four different plants! The faux plants are rooted into glued in gravel and grass-like fibers. The round ceramic pot has a white background with gorgeous dark blue designs ..
$40.00 $40.00
Sometimes all you need is a South ern statement piece! Spiky Succulent In Black Pot features big, spread out green plastic leaves with a hint of a red outline and sharp spikes. This faux succulent is rooted into artificial soil into a black plastic pot. Show it off in the living room! Dimensions (Va..
$67.50 $67.50
Establish your style with dynamic pieces such as Silver Patina Ridged Metal Vase! This metal vase features a textured, shiny silver finish, a tapered bulbous shape, and vertical ridges that extend from base to vase opening. Put in some plastic floral stems or leave it empty, and display it anywh..
$49.99 $49.99
Perfectly polish your dreamy confections by placing m on an elegant surface like Ruffled Glass Cake Stand! Made of glass with a wide pedestal base, this beautiful cake stand offers a ruffled top edge and a crisp white color that will look simply beautiful with any color and me of cake. Display lay..
$34.99 $34.99
Mounta  Fern   Slotted Metal Conta er Mounta  Fern   Slotted Metal Conta er
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Elevate your space with natural beauty using Mountain Fern In Slotted Metal Container. This tall floral arrangement features long, green plastic fern leaves in a silver, olive bucket-styled container with dark bronze handles. Station it on a si table or counter top and fresh up your space with love..
$60.00 $60.00
Give your space a tropical touch of style by displaying Monstera In White Pot! This lovely floral arrangement features tall and large, plastic leaves with interesting design and dark green color, jutting up from a white and gray, round and textured flower pot made of cement. container is completed ..
$50.00 $50.00
Create a fantastic table setting to add to your meal! Mixed Succulents In Wood Planter features a rectangular, long wood piece filled with faux green moss, grass, and soil, topped with a variety of faux succulents, all in various shades of green and red with many heights, widths, and textures! Set t..
$42.50 $42.50
Let your green thumb shine not only in your front and backyard, but inside your home, too! Ficus Lyrata In Gold Base Pot will add texture and vibrant greenery to your space. This faux plant sits in a tall, round, cement pot with the bottom half painted metallic gold, and the top half with a natural,..
$30.00 $30.00
Let your space flourish with style using Eucalyptus In Wood Container. This lovely display of greenery features bright green, plastic eucalyptus leaves in a long and rectangular, distressed wood container. box is completed with silver metal folded around each exterior corner for an industrial fini..
$36.50 $36.50
Take the time to accent your beautiful home with rustic accessories like Distressed White Wood Clock! This lovely MDF clock is shaped like a rectangle with a flared top and a metal handle for a decorative, look. It's fitted with four metal hairpin legs to match the handle, and the dial is accented..
$64.99 $64.99
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